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Dynamic Duo

I'm the birthday cake you light up, blow out, cut up & devour...

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This egg hatches on October 1, 2005! Adopt one today!

Shpbex to Xanni- Don't worry, you're not missing out on much! ONLY PURE GOLD.

Sian- How can you tell what it is when there's wrapping paper on it?
Shpbex- Oh, It's not difficult...when you have x-ray vision!

Claire- I have 3 phones, 5 sim cards...and a partridge in a pear tree!

Xanni- Bex, remember, if you're stressed, have a drink. The bottle is ALWAYS your friend, as am I... but you can't drink me!

Ai - I want to have 11 kids! *shock* Then I can start my own basketball team. Or I could have 2 and start a ping pong team...

Ava (comedian)- I hate teenagers! They’re so irresponsible. They all go around thieving cars, breaking into houses…taking drugs! Some of them are only 13…at 13 years old I was very responsible. I stayed at home every night looking after my 2 kids!

Miss Tomothy -(while watching a TV show on the Sears Tower they tell us that the security of people getting into the building has been hyped up since 9/11) Yes...because x-ray machines are going to stop two planes crashing into the side!!!

Xanni to Shpbex - When things are going good, do your best to avoid them. When things go bad just carry on and hope they sort themselves out...It's just the Bex philosophy...

Xanni - 'X > Y' but 'Hut < Y'

Alice to Shpbex - Well I'm going to trust you that they are gherkins...after all, you should know all about your brothers and sisters!

Bands I've seen live:
Alice Cooper x3
Biffy Clyro
Bon Jovi x5
CKY x2
The Dogs D’amour
Joan Jett
Johnny Panic
Judas Priest
Meat Loaf x2
My Ruin x6
Scarling x2
Twisted Sister
Walls Of Jericho
The Wildhearts

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Strange Substances Eaten:
bath oil tab
gel air freshner
anticeptic wipe
dish cloth
used match sticks

Pretty girls they make friends.
Fake smiles that don't offend.
It's not hard to play pretend,
then again, then again...

Pretty girls they make friends.
Loved by every camera lense.
Someday all of this will end,
tell me when, tell me when...

Ugly girls make enemies.
Maybe that's what's wrong with me.
If I'm not what you think that i should be,
then what should i be?

YEAY! I'm loved by some people. I'll add you to this if you send me a pic with your msg on...please *puppy dog eyes*
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Okay, three of these photos are the same beauty fiend, but it just shows how much some people love me, hehe =P

Highland Cows are Kool
Made by alomiakoda

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Pose, pose, why do you suppose that pain is our name?
Because that’s what we chose,
and life without pain is a long endless chain,
of errors repeated again and again.
So don’t be afraid of pain,
don’t run away...

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